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Lecture: Women’s Films in Italy, 1965-2015 Progetto CineAF  – Introduce Farah Polato

7 Novembre 2022, ore 14.30

Aula 9 – Complesso  Beato Pellegrino 

MEDIA MUTATIONS 13 – Audiovisual Data: Data-Driven Perspectives for Media Studies

MEDIA MUTATIONS 13 – Audiovisual Data: Data-Driven Perspectives for Media Studies

«Ho ucciso l’angelo del focolare». Lo spazio domestico e la libertà ritrovata

FAScinA 2022 «Ho ucciso l’angelo del focolare». Lo spazio domestico e la libertà ritrovata

Annual Seminar on Gender Equality and Inclusivity in the Film Industry, 2022 Venice International Film Festival

CALL FOR PAPERS Gender and labour in the Italian screen industries: Critical research approaches and methods

Comunicazioni Sociali — Journal of Media, Performing Arts and Cultural Studies
n. 1/2023 – Edited by Rosa Barotsi, Gloria Dagnino and Carla Mereu Keating
Deadline: 15 May 2022


Invisibili o fuori campo? 
Valorizzare diversità e pluralismo di genere nel cinema e nell’audiovisivo

WIFTM Italia, Sguardi Altrove, CineAF-Almed/UCSC – 16 mAY 2022

Cinema (In)visibile: A Curated Film Programme

Sguardi Altrove International Women’s Film Festival – 10-15 May 2022

Radical Film Network (Un)Conference/Festival


The Purple Meridians Summer Residency



NECS 2022
Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network

Bucharest, National University of Theatre and Film – 22-26 June 2022

Lo Storytelling inclusivo: Ciclo di incontri con professioniste dell’audiovisivo

Serena Alfieri | Professioniste del cinema: grande schermo e rappresentazione

Soheila Javaheri Mohebi | Grande schermo e cittadinanza: Fare cinema tra più culture

The Purple Meridians Logo

The Purple Meridians public roundtable

The Purple Meridians is a project by Streeen (Torino) in partnership with OVNI (Barcelona) and Rosa Kadın Derneği (Diyarbakır)

FAScinA Logo

FAScinA 2021 – Forum Annuale delle Studiose di Cinema e Audiovisivi


78th Film Festival Poster

Seminar on Gender Equality and Inclusivity in the Film Industry, 2021 Venice International Film Festival

Gif of a wooden house turning frantically on its axis in the strong wind

Consulta Universitaria Cinema
Lo stato e il futuro della Ricerca: aree, direzioni, metodologie

NECS 2021 poster

NECS 2021 Conference Transitions: Moving Images & Bodies

Biografilm 2021 poster

Gender inequality in the film industry: data and policies to change the course BIOGRAFILM BIO TO B INDUSTRY DAYS

Women’s films and Italian audiovisual policy, 1964-2016

May 2021

A journey through the Italian film industry in four parts: four films by women filmmakers that narrate the shifting contours of the relationship between national film policy and historically marginalized forms of creativity. From the first postwar attempt at an organic film policy in the 1960s and up to the most recent film law (2016), these four seminal films by Cecilia ManginiAdriana Monti, Roberta Torre and Laura Bispuri tell a story of boundary-pushing cinema and its often uneasy dialogue with the national film industry.

Lucia Cardone on Cecilia Mangini – may 7 2021

Lucia Cardone, Professor of Film History at the University of Sassari, spoke to us about Cecilia Mangini’s career as possibly the first woman documentarist in Italy, her film Essere donne (1964) on working class women’s rights, and Mangini’s complex relationship to feminism.

Still from Cecilia Mangini's film Essere donne showing a woman from the back walking through a field towards a factory in the background.

Annamaria Licciardello on Adriana Monti – MAY 14 2021

Annamaria Licciardello, archivist at the Centro Sperimentale della Cinematografica – Cineteca Nazionale, spoke to us about Adriana Monti’s feminist film work, the context of Italian feminist collectives’ audiovisual and text-based production in the 70s, and the “150 ore” educational initiative for housewives, depicted in Monti’s film Scuola senza fine with Lea Melandri.

Ilaria De Pascalis on Roberta Torre – MAY 21 2021

Ilaria A. De Pascalis, associate Professor of Film and Television at Università Roma Tre, spoke to us about the exceptional case of Roberta Torre’s Tano da morire (1997), perhaps the first and only Italian musical comedy on the mafia, its groundbreaking aesthetics and style and its complex reception and distribution history.

Serena Alfieri on Laura Bispuri – MAY 28 2021

Serena Alfieri, film producer at Vivo film, spoke with us about her experience as delegate producer for Laura Bispuri’s Vergine giurata (2015), explaining in practical detail the varied responsibilities involved in being a film producer in Italy.